Directions from Rome, Georgia.  About 38 min (28 mi)
Head north on Turner McCall Blvd toward Broad St for 1.0 mi.  Continue straight onto Turner Mccall Blvd NW for 0.1 mi.  Continue onto GA-20 W/Shorter Ave and stay on GA-20 W for 16.9 mi to enter into Alabama.  Continue onto AL-9 S for 5.0 mi
To a right turn onto AL-35 N.  Travel on AL-35 N for 2.6 mi then turn left onto AL-68 W for 2.5 mi. Continue on Cherokee County 75. Take Cherokee County 82 and AL-273 S to Cherokee County 564 13.8 mi. Turn right onto Cherokee County 75 2.4 mi then
Turn left onto Cherokee County 82 3.0 mi followed by a left turn onto AL-273 S 6.8 mi.
Turn left onto County Rd 110 0.6 mi. Turn left onto County Rd 44 0.3 mi. Turn right onto County Rd 146 0.4 mi. Turn right onto Cherokee County 564 and drive 0.3 mi to the
Rome Sailing Club
235 Cherokee County 564, Leesburg, AL 35983
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Directions from Collinsville- I-59 West of club.  About 14 min (10.0 mi)

In Collinsville
Take AL-68 E to St Clair Rd in Leesburg
Turn left onto AL-68 E go 8.4 mi to a left turn onto Blue Pond Rd.  Go 0.9 mi to take County Rd 44 to Cherokee County 564.  Go 2.6 mi to a right onto St Clair Rd.  take St Clair Rd. 0.4 mi until it becomes County Rd 44.  Travel 1.5 mi to turn right onto County Rd 146.  Then drive 0.4 mi to turn right onto Cherokee County 564. Finish the drive of 0.3 mi where you end at the

Rome Sailing Club
235 Cherokee County 564, Leesburg, AL 35983

Directions from Collinsville.pdf
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Rome Sailing Club Board
235 County Road 564
Leesburg,  AL 35983
PO Box 521
Leesburg,  AL 35983
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